Arimar International

Thru alliances around the world, for the past 15 years, Arimar International has brought to the market products manufactured with the industry leading methods and ecologically-sound lumber production.

We have been offering engineered hardwood floors as well as solid hardwood floors from places like, Portugal, Indonesia, Taiwan, and Brazil. The Engineered hardwood floors are a blend of solid hardwood flooring on top and unfinished plywood underneath. The benefits of engineered hardwood flooring are its increased strength and flexibility, range of styles and finishes, and because engineered floors come prefinished there is no wait time for sanding and sealing. We just introduced the new Engineered Hardwood Floor with the Hevea core under our specialty products, Hevea is planted for the production of rubber trees and after 25 -30 years production is been cut and use as a core of the Engineered floor. This species is considered one of the most environment friendly woods.

Solid hardwood floors are cut from a solid, piece of wood and are offered both unfinished or with a prefinished surface. Because the plank is made from 1 piece of wood, it will react to changes in humidity, so it should be installed in rooms with low moisture levels. All of our solid wood floors come ¾” thick, which provides extra solidity for your floors Arimar International has been partnering with Yodeco de Honduras www.yodeco.net to bring you one of the world’s best fatwood. This product is also known as fat lighter, heart pine, fire stick or lighter’s is derived from the heartwood of pine trees. Fatwood is an all-natural product that is used as a fire starter. It is safe to use in indoor fireplaces and wood burning stoves. High in natural pine resins, it is easily lit with a single match. It ignites instantly and easily.

At Arimar we are very conscious of our environment, we replant trees to help protect the future generations from being left with barren forests and unpleasant landscapes. We manage our forest landscapes for wood production along with soil sustainability, water quality, and wildlife habitats. We are committed to sustainable forestry practices.


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